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Benefit and Burden of being a Remittance Economy

             The problem of medium of instruction in Kerala is more complicated than in other states. The people of Maharashtra would be empowered as soon as Marathi is given due recognition by setting up IITs and central universities in Marathi medium coupled with decentralised selection of central government employees. So are the people of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, or any other state. However being a remittance economy, the people of Kerala need more accommodating educational policy that promotes multilingualism. Kerala has natural advantage in attaining competency in English, Hindi, Arabic and other languages because of the linguistic versatility of Malayalam. The handicap of being a remittance economy is (1) Dutch disease that leads to growth of one booming sector and stagnation of others and (2) Collapse of Health sector and (3) Brain drain of the highly technical Personnel to other states.

      Benefit: The total remittance from abroad was Rs. 24,525 crores in 2007 representing 20.20 % of NSDP. Of the nearly 20 lakh emigrants 90 % are in Gulf countries. However it has not helped the local manufacturing or other productive sectors. Push factors of unemployment are more dominant for ninety percent of the emigrants with low skills. Hence it is important to upgrade skill and not linguistic ability in English that matter little in gulf countries.

      Burden: Exodus of Doctors and Nurses from developing colonial language countries to developed countries has collapsed the health sector in many of the sub-Saharan African countries.  

*  *     More than half of the doctors have left for high income English speaking countries in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya and thousands of vacancies could not be filled in South Africa. Similarly more than half of the doctors in Portuguese speaking Angola and Guinea-Bissau have immigrated to Portugal.

*  *    Kerala is also faces the similar problem of sub-Saharan African countries that leads to more than 85% of nurses emigrating to Gulf countries and to the west. The Doctors are not far behind. The government of Kerala would find it difficult to fill the vacancies in health sector.

     The flight of human capital is going to increase in the context of ageing population, broken families and social security network. The developed native English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Newzealand, and Ireland benefit financially by not spending resources in training and get cheap labour by western standards at the cost of third world countries wherein the people are held at ransom by the health workers.

Information and Communication technologies:-
     Three trends have reinforced the dominance of English that are more of perception than reality as every other country employs their native languages and are more productive than Indian software industry like Israel that use Hebrew spoken by 53 lakh people or Finnish spoken by 50 lakh.

1.  1.   Commercialisation of professional colleges which are located in disparate places to meet the rising demand for IT professionals and BPO workers.    

2.  2.   Employment avenues in clusters of special economic zones and private initiative IT parks   predominantly in the seven cities of India that leads to high growth of population of large cities that are already congested.
    Total dominance of English in the new economy that has eliminated opportunities for regional medium students who are less competent in English.

      The importance of high competency in English is the result of dependence on USA for the export of software services as it is the destination for 60% of Indian software exports. India is acting as a back office for native English speaking countries and not as the production base.
      The myth that Information technology is the exclusive domain of English is fostered by the elite in south Asia to deny rightful place for Indian languages. There is no reason why when small languages in difficult scripts such as Korean and Hebrew can be used in programming and Indian languages can be. The employment prospects of Indian language students is also in jeopardy as the economic growth in the post liberalisation period has not trickled down to either rural areas or densely populated urban ghettos. Regional inequality both within various regions of states and between state have only increased leading to general feeling of alienation consequent of it is manifested in political unrest caused by Maoists in the predominantly tribal areas and most backward areas of the country.

         Malayalam is the mother tongue of 36 million people in the world. It is the principal language of more than 97% of 34 million people of Kerala. Nevertheless it is not used beyond high school. Minuscule language groups and minority languages in Europe and developed parts of the world such as Icelandic spoken by three lakh people of Iceland, recently recognised Catalan language spoken by three million people in Catalonia, four million Finnish speaking people and five million Hebrew speaking people study undergraduate professional courses such as Medicine, Engineering, Management and Law in native languages. Nonetheless it is unthinkable for Indian languages to be used for gaining knowledge or getting a decent job to serve people who speak the same language.

KERALA: The best of Colleges in the state capital

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Mar Ivanios College   MG College

Malayalam is not even visible in the name boards of the colleges and universities.


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My Helsinki - Finland  ...... Helsinki University of Technology

         All universities and colleges that teach in these languages are ranked higher than all universities in Kerala that teach in English. Moreover they are universally better English speakers than Indians and many Post Graduate classes are offered in English to attract international students.

Gods own country is the most blessed land on earth. The solutions to the problems are simple and easy. It need not have to fear military coups, dictatorships, ethnic cleansing and natural calamities. The most literate state on the south Asia just has to develop vaccinations for communicable diseases, invent alternate construction materials, market its products and attract investments. Unfortunately the state that has more youth than the combined population of Finland, Israel, and Taiwan could not even file a fraction of a percent of patents of these small countries that were as poor as it before sixty years.

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Read Malayalathinde Bhaavi-Bhasha Asoothranavum, Maanava Vikasanavum” (The Future of malayalam - Language Planning and Human Devolopment) in Malayalam written by K. Sethu Raman published by Maathrubhoomi Books for further details and analysis.