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              Indian cinema is an incredible success in the domestic market, promoting national integration and cultural exchange. Thanks to the ordinary Indian language speaking Indian who patronizes it. None of the top 100 popular programmes in Indian TV are in English or American-made and none of the top grossing movies is in English or from Hollywood. Unlike the cricket stars, movie stars in south India speak in Indian languages on screen and off-screen. No wonder Indian TV programmes, IPL and advertisement industry depend on Indian cinema.



Real Indian Heroes: Exceptions, Has to begin as villains to get an opportunity in film industry. Indian film industry is a preserve of the elite insiders. You must have your Dad and Mum in film industry to get a break in India.  


        Heroes are localized. The exception is Rajnikanth who is the only Indian star to break the language barrier in India. For more than a decade every movie of him is released simultaneously in both Tamil and Telugu. Film Directors, and Music directors are more successful like Shankar and Manirathnam.AR Rahman is the only universal star throughout India. Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan transcend borders. They have become the cultural icons of South Asian Diaspora.




Actresses have better appeal across borders and language groups. If south Indian stars become popular in the north, actresses from north are successful in South. Few like Khushbu become household names.

           Malayali touch both in class and glamour. Most memorable characters in south Indian movies have been the preserve of Malayali girls. Reliable, hard working and intelligent.



        The movies from native language countries are more successful than Anglophone countries. Chinese and Thai movies are far ahead of Indian cinema in appealing to the world audience.


  East Asian heroes are international stars. Our English speaking Bollywood stars have no market outside Indian diaspora. They are not released in Tamil or Telugu and even if dubbed would be flops. People prefer remakes than dubbed movies.

Critical appraisal   Commercial success also


         More south Indians watch East Asian stars in dubbed in Tamil and Telugu than Hindi movies of Bollywood super stars. Quality really matters.

Tamil speaking Chinese Stars ...... Telugu speaking Thai Movies

          There are four Chinese movies in the top ten top foreign language grosses in USA and the best performing Indian movie of all time, “Om Shanti Om” stands at 82 collecting 3.6 million dollars from 114 theatres. But the latest movie of Thai superstar Tony Jaa was released in 1541 theatres in USA and throughout Europe in several languages grossing millions.

Read Malayalathinde Bhaavi-Bhasha Asoothranavum, Maanava Vikasanavum” (The Future of malayalam - Language Planning and Human Devolopment) in Malayalam written by K. Sethu Raman published by Maathrubhoomi Books for further details and analysis.