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Colonial legacy


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 The legacies of colonialism continue to influence the administrative and political processes in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Decolonisation in south Asia has been slow and piecemeal compared to East Asia. It has not only failed to implement the values generated during freedom struggle, but silenced and sidelined them as impractical.  
Polity: With the exception of Britain and its former colonies the most common electoral system throughout the world is proportional representation system. However ‘winner takes all’ system of majoritarian electoral system in India that leads to rigging, petty politicking, valueless scramble for votes and that effectively excludes the minority groups is being practised as colonial gift. On the other hand majority of world practises proportional representation system to provide platform for every political group to participate in the collective decision making thereby imbibing a sense of belonging.  

If the academics and so called intelligentsia discuss and write in Indian languages, it would lead to better policy making. How many law makers know that present electoral system is one of the root causes of rigging, horse trading, party villages and violence?
Proportional Representation ...... Indian parliament
South India   North India
Minority Representation   Local Democracy
Education: With the exception offormer colonies in Africa and south Asia, none of the countries have exclusive English medium schools in any other part of the globe. Not a fraction of a percent of students study in English medium schools in Brazil, Russia, China or any other major developed country of the world. More importantly all developed countries of the world educate their doctors and engineers in their native languages. But in India even agricultural practices in a farm and cooking in the kitchen of a hotel are taught in English that result neither in better agricultural production nor more delicious food.
Empolyment: With the exception of former colonies of Britain none of the countries of the world require its skilled people to acquire competency in a foreign language. Skill, Innovation, team work and competency in the language of work force and customers is more important than knowledge of English. The shop floor language of Airbus that manufactures aircrafts is French, at Mercedes Benz that manufacture the luxurious cars of the world engineers design in German, at Samsung it is Korean, and at Toshiba it is Japanese. But in India skill is secondary to English knowledge. Hence Indians are neither innovative nor able to absorb sophisticated technologies 
Administration: With the exception of some former colonies of Britain and France, all countries of the world have position based and decentralised civil service system. Specialisation and Position based civil service is the norm everywhere in civil service reform. On the other hand Indian civil service is an exclusive domain of a few privileged with little room for political appointments based on performance and social responsibility. Archaic concept of political neutrality is more valued than efficient service delivery and democratic accountability to citizens. The superior civil service in India is an exact replica of colonial centralised career civil service that no federal country wants to emulate.
International Status: With the exception of former colonies in Africa and South Asia, all countries of the world seek equality of relationship in international arena. Indian submissiveness to the English is total from ordinary cricket player to the top political leaders and diplomats. No leader of the developed country would address the press or international forum in a foreign language even if she or he knows English because basically he addresses the nation first. An Italian speaking Swiss president can address the world in Italian, a French speaking Swiss president would address in French and so is the German speaking Swiss premier in German.
Culture: Competitive imitation of colonial culture by various linguistic groups is encouraged by the elite who stress the superiority of colonial culture. Code switching reflects the inbuilt linguistic divide between various classes of people. One feels less of a celebrity and less youthful unless speak in English in south Asia. The elite call their mother in English, and print costlier wedding card in English to separate themselves from lower class. Television anchors speak Manglish, Tamilish, Hinglish etc. Cricket players and Hindi cine stars address their fans in English before their home crowd to add element of admiration. Worse of all elite have reduced Indian languages into racist languages. Syam is no longer Sundar. The pale of the black or brown skin, better the beauty. The bench mark for beauty is white skin of their colonial masters and accent is native English.
          Indians cannot find beauty in their natural appearance. The elite impose their inferiority complex on Indian masses.
Racial Discrimination 
...... North-East people are discriminated 
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Indian beauty standard: Shame
  Insulting Women
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While East Asian countries have decolonised every oppressive aspect of life to put their economies on high growth trajectory by building institutions that enhanced the human capital formation, every colonial institutions are allowed to flourish and are functioning as Anglo centric establishments with least democratic accountability in India.

Read Malayalathinde Bhaavi-Bhasha Asoothranavum, Maanava Vikasanavum” (The Future of malayalam - Language Planning and Human Devolopment) in Malayalam written by K. Sethu Raman published by Maathrubhoomi Books for further details and analysis.