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Anglophiles in India claim English based professional education is necessary for good qualitative research. But the data from science watch reveals that except India all the top twenty countries of the world teach professional undergraduate courses in their respective languages and India is ranked at the bottom of the table for quality except by the transition economy of Russia.  

        India’s share in world output of scientific papers is less than two percent in the most important applied fields of Computer Science(1.72), Clinical Medicine (1.26%), Mathematics (1.63%),  Molecular Biology & Genetics (1.27), and Immunology (1.35), Economics & Business (0.84) and also in Social Sciences (0.70).

  • India published 12,500 scientific papers, four times more scientific papers compared to 3700 papers of china in 1985. But by 2003 China had start publishing more than 40,000 papers, twice number of papers than 20,000 papers of India. The gap has increased further with 80,000 papers in china compared to only 27,000 of India by 2007.
  • The number of patents filed by Indian Universities and companies is lower than even the small countries such as Korea or Taiwan that teach in native languages.
  • World Bank Institute in its latest report, “Measuring knowledge in the world’s economies” has ranked India 100th in KEI rank (Knowledge Economy Index) behind most Asian countries including China which is 77. The productivity measurements point out that india is neither able to absorb technology nor create it.  

RICW- Relative impact compared to world

         Manufacturing value added per capita, at constant 2000 US dollar prices in India is 98.12 compared to 366 for other developing countries in 2007, while it was only 62.85 in 2000 compared to 253 for developing countries, Similarly Indian agricultural productivity in 1994 was at least twenty years behind China and Indonesia and was more than forty five years behind Korea that are native language countries. The situation has not improved during the reform period. Agricultural production indices based on the period 1999-2001 shows further widening of productivity gap between India and East Asia.


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Read Malayalathinde Bhaavi-Bhasha Asoothranavum, Maanava Vikasanavum” (The Future of malayalam - Language Planning and Human Devolopment) in Malayalam written by K. Sethu Raman published by Maathrubhoomi Books for further details and analysis.